The Sentinel Edit

The sentinel is the main character of the story. Traditionally the 's' is not capitalized. He has watched Angel's Gate graveyard for just under 400 years, serving as a watchdog over the graves to fend off loiterers and grave-robbers. The sentinel spends his time attending funeral services, joining picnics, and reading any sort of materials left by visitors.


Background Edit

It is unknown to everyone, even the sentinel, what his real name is. He spent the 400 years prior to meeting Randy believing that he was sacrificed for some important reason for his settlement, though he soon learns from Mira Thibodeaux that he was not sacrificed but murdered for being a necromancer. Necromancers were considered to wield the blackest of magic at the time and weren't helped even by witches. The sentinel doesn't know why he was sacrificed but occasionally has flashbacks of the moment, including dirt falling into his mouth and a small wooden cross held by a child's hand being shoved against his face.

Believed at that time that a necromancer and a witch were synonymous, the murderers cast a holy spell that bound the sentinel to his bones to prevent his soul from causing mayhem in the afterlife, as they believed witches could do. For this reason the sentinel is a ghost, and why he cannot go more than a small distance from his bones without immense pain and heavy, invisible weight on his arms and legs keeping him from moving. 

Appearance Edit

The sentinel stands at 5 feet and 10 inches. He wears a white cotton shirt and black leather waist coat with black lambskin pants and leather sandals. He has a leather pouch tied around his waist that resembles a fanny pack, often receiving mockery. The sentinel's hair is brown and long enough to brush his chin. His eyes are brown.

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